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Open discussion about best practices on Sustainability

The Sustainability for Diversity Inclusion within Youth (S-DIY) Project aims at promoting active engagement in EU and global citizenship and leading to a contribution toward the EU’s implementation of the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), as given priority by the EU Council and EU’s youth policy.

S-DIY engages in training youth on the topic of SDGs and environmental sustainability to strengthen its sense of initiative by tackling three main objectives:

  • Recording best practices on how to foster inclusive dialogue among young people from different social groups, including minorities;
  • Recording best practices on how to promote young people’s debate on international sustainability and active EU/global citizenship;
  • Raising interest on the SDGs and their implementation in the EU among young people from different backgrounds;
  • Testing an inclusive simulation model on the implementation of the SDGs in the EU.
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Are you organizing a debate event? Are you unsure on how to master the art of debating? Whether you are a young person who wants to challenge themselves or whether you are a professional in search of inspiration, here are the guideline you have been waiting for. Feel free to check them out: GUIDELINES