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The Importance of Environmental Education in School Curriculum.

The environment and sustainability have become central concerns which means the role of young people in shaping a greener future cannot be overshadowed. Many are actively engaged, leading organisations, and participating in protests to draw attention to the urgent environmental challenges our planet faces. However, despite this growing awareness among the youth, one crucial aspect seems to be missing from their education – an environmental curriculum.

Not having a clear plan for teaching about the environment in schools means we’re missing a chance to help young people use their passion and care for the planet. By integrating environmental issues into the core curriculum, students could not only deepen their understanding of the challenges at hand but also actively contribute to creating a healthier planet.

For instance, this curriculum could cover a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from climate change and waste management to sustainable development. This approach would equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the multifaceted issues impacting our environment.

Even though young people often learn about the environment from different sources like TV and the Internet, I believe it is really important to make this learning part of the school system.

When it comes to teaching this curriculum, it might mean working together with subject teachers, environmental experts, and community leaders. Training educators to include environmental topics in their lessons and inviting guest speakers with expertise in the field would guarantee a comprehensive and interesting learning experience.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe environmental education should be a part of the EU curriculum? How about globally? And who do you think should be responsible for teaching it? Share your comments below!

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