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Carbon footprint, what is it and how can we reduce it?

What is the carbon footprint ?

Greenhouse gases are emitted through the production and consumption of goods and services. Carbon footprint is a concept used to quantify the impact of an activity, a person or a country on climate change.

This video explains in a fun way what the carbon footprint is:

How to limit your carbon footprint?

Understanding your carbon footprint can help limit the impact of your consumption on the environment. There are different online solutions to help you estimate your carbon footprint.

First you can calculate your own carbon footprint with this website for example:

Secondly, there are some tips that you can try to do in your everyday life such as:
– Consume local and seasonal products (forget strawberries in winter)
– Limit meat consumption, especially beef
– Bring reusable shopping bags and avoid products with excessive plastic packaging
– Try swapping, borrowing, renting or buying second-hand for your clothes
– Cycle or use public transport
– Try the train for your next holiday
– Turn down the heating by 1°, it will already make a difference
– Unplug your electronic equipment and don’t leave your phone on charge when the battery is already full
– Don’t store unnecessary data in the cloud
– Limit and recycle your waste

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