Youth can change the world

“If we are to shape our Union in their mould, young people must be able to shape Europe’s future” – Ursula von der Leyen
Following the announcement by President von der Leyen during her 2021 State of the Union address, 2022 has been designated the European Year of Youth. This year is meant to highlight the importance of European youth in building a better future: greener, more inclusive and digital. The aim of this initiative is to celebrate, support and involve young people with a focus on green and digital transitions, active and engaged citizenship, youth policy and promotion of opportunities designed for young people.
The European Year encourages youth to come up with contributions and ideas to shape the development of the EU; it stimulates them to be inspiring with their own ideas and actions; it gives them the chance to express their concerns while taking up the opportunities offered by the EU through concrete and inclusive tools.
This year, make your voice heard!

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Are you organizing a debate event? Are you unsure on how to master the art of debating? Whether you are a young person who wants to challenge themselves or whether you are a professional in search of inspiration, here are the guideline you have been waiting for. Feel free to check them out: GUIDELINES