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Clean energy: the EU’s push for renewables and energy efficiency

In 2016 the European Commission presented a set of clean energy proposals aimed to help fight climate change, as well as reduce the EU’s dependency on fossil fuel imports and help households generate their own green energy.

Fighting climate change continues to be one of the EU’s priorities. Find out more by clicking on the link below what MEPs have done to boost energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.

Read the article, watch the video and let us know your opinion?


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2 responses to “Clean energy: the EU’s push for renewables and energy efficiency”

  1. Casey Rock says:

    Better news! we need this news on more headliners however they are too busy promoting pot hole changes or street party topics yes they are brilliant topics and good to see things changing however this is such a better headliner with more real-life educating news.

  2. Baianur Dzhoroeva says:

    Clean energy: the EU’s push for renewables and energy efficiency is one of the issues concerning humanity. There is another message to all to use all resources accurately, we can use how much we need, and should be careful not to waste such valuable resources. To use things by recycling, and try to think before every usage.

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