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Environment, Sustainability and Ecology – “There’s no Planet B”

“There’s no Planet B”. We all know this motto. Our planet is struggling to keep going on in a healthy way, and human beings know that. For this reason, people are trying to improve our planet’s health by being more eco-friendly, doing things in a sustainable way, like not wasting water, not using more plastic that actually we need, using hybrid or even electric cars and vehicles like bikes or push scooters.
Based on a study brought by the University of Pavia in collaboration with ISTAT, Professor Silvia Figini – Director of the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia – underlines that the main themes young people really care about are the wastefulness of water, food and energy.
All the datas were picked up from a questionnaire proposed to all students between 17 and 19 years from Italian high schools. The main theme of this questionnaire was “Environment, Sustainability and Ecology. Variable and crucial subjects of the publics politics for future generations”. This study analyse different contents, from waste sorting, to the protection of our planet and ecology.
It used a method where many studies were put together from law to economy, from geology to engineering.
97,6% of the students know sustainability and use this word referring to the environment, to the planet, future and resources.
The most interesting data is the awareness and the sensibility tied with the food waste. Young people are more aware to not waste only food, but also electric energy and water – 68% of young people are trying to convince others to consume sink water.
Another theme is the safety of our planet, and 71% of them agree that the health status of Earth is getting worse, especially during the last two years. People, based on datas, should intervene faster in pollution, climate change and safeguarding biodiversity, water and green energy. Also, young people suggest alternative ways for mobility, like for example instead of using cars, use public transportations or bicycles.
Social networks play a very important role for information: young people use Instagram and Google to be informed on waste sorting, even if it’s difficult to get datas.
Maybe people can really make a difference. Maybe if we do it together we can really change the fate of our beloved planet, because, seriously, there’s no Planet B.

La sostenibilità che piace ai giovani

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3 responses to “Environment, Sustainability and Ecology – “There’s no Planet B””

  1. Baianur Dzhoroeva says:

    It is a fascinating topic “There is no planet B”. It calls humanity to care about our earth. Also brings people together. Motivates us to make changes by contributing as much as we can.

  2. Joanne Besnard says:

    It’s interesting how younger people’s awareness about climate change is increasing in the last years!
    Old habits are hard to change, but taking example from younger generations, we should think it twice before buying a plastic bottle or shopping groceries with extra packaging.

  3. Palak Mahajan says:

    “There’s no Planet B” perfectly captures the necessity and significance of acting to safeguard our environment and advance sustainable lifestyles. It serves as a reminder that in order to assure a future where people can live, we must take action to safeguard our environment and advance sustainable practices. We must all accept responsibility for our actions and work together and individually to create a sustainable future.

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