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Inclusivity in language learning: mental health and kindness

According to a study carried out by Eurostat in 2019, in the majority of EU Member States over one in three students in general upper secondary education were learning two or more foreign languages.

A 2018 World Health Organisation factsheet found that in 2015 there were 17 million persons aged 10-19 living with mental health disorders in the European Region. Therefore, a significant overlap exists between those who are struggling with mental health disorders and trying to learn a second or third language.

Visit a link below to read an article that seeks to spark a conversation on how, this European Year of Youth, we can support the significant number of language learners in the EU who are facing mental health struggles.


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4 responses to “Inclusivity in language learning: mental health and kindness”

  1. Alessia Macellaro says:

    Learning a new language is not only about knowing how to express yourself when abroad, but also about knowing a new culture, a new way of thinking…specialising in languages was my life choice and I am proud of it.
    Very important article to raise awareness of language learning,
    thank you

  2. Iva Kresic says:

    Love this topic! I experienced first hand what it’s like to go live abroad as a student and switch to another language, or speak with people with different language profficiency levels. My own experience was good because I study in English at my home country, but quite a few people who I met and became friends with were very anxious about their foreign language skills. Therefore, I agree with everything said in the article; it is very important to be kind, patient and give those people time to improve and learn. As I noticed, the thing stopping them from speaking the language freely is not in the actual skills they possess, but the brakes in their own mind. Supporting them and making sure they know it’s normal to make mistakes and take it slow is the best way to help them. And in the end, it always pays out. I’ve witnessed the same people I mentioned above make so much progress in only a few months time, and imagine them after a whole year living abroad. Practice takes time, but it’s worthwile for sure! 😀

  3. Baianur Dzhoroeva says:

    It is very important to learn a new language. Very helpful in daily life whether it is in education, workspace, family etc. At the same time, you are getting an opportunity to dive into another culture. It broadens your horizons and helps you to become a tolerant person. These small steps would play a huge role in maintaining peace and love on the planet. Your life will become more interesting, easier, colorful.

  4. Kenza benohoud says:

    Fostering inclusion in language learning by focusing on mental health and kindness is not just an educational approach, it is a fundamental human perspective. Recognising learners’ well-being and cultivating empathy create a nurturing environment essential to effective language acquisition and personal development.

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