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Is something changing?

“Imagine what this world would look like, where children would grow up, knowing their future was this one great adventure to look forward to and nothing to be scared of, what this world would look like when the next climate conference is this great happening of people who come together, who had heard the voices of millions, who would then roll up their sleeves, ready to create real change”. This is what climate activist Luisa Neubauer once said.

We are currently far from this goal, far from resolving the climate crisis but young people are starting to make their voices heard. They realized they can be part of the change, part of the answer and the most powerful institutions are starting to recognize their value.

As a matter of fact, for the first time in the history of UN climate negotiations, the ideas and voices of young people were at the forefront of a Pre-COP summit. The Youth4Climate event convened some 400 youth climate leaders from 186 countries to adopt a collective declaration to be delivered by Italy to COP26. The selected delegates worked together and developed a zero draft document with recommendations across four thematic areas of climate action.

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5 responses to “Is something changing?”

  1. Volkan Hacieminoglu says:

    While watching this video these questions came into my mind “Why do we normal people have to persuade the politicans or rule makers about the environmental issues? Why don’t they lead people about solving these problems?”

  2. Anshika Srivastava says:

    I think people as a topic understand the importance of climate issues but when it comes to implementing in their daily lives, they are skeptical. But for any change to happen we each need to make changes in our life by tackling smaller issues, managing garbage, using less plastic and planting more trees.

  3. Αθηνά Αβραμίδου says:

    I have felt the same way as Volkan many times. I feel that we should do more as a unity, not just on a personal level. In my opinion, the only way to deal with climate issues is to cooperate but it can be frustrating to see that this cannot happen

  4. Casey Rock says:

    The One problem Regarding world leaders and politics which I can never seem to get my head around is, Yes they are aware everyone in the entire world is aware of our global climate issue rapidly growing and the clock ticking on our irreversible changes. it seems that when it gets closer for example 2/3 years left that the changes cannot be undone world leaders will then decide to make and put it in place strong rules and new changes and it will be difficult and anger a lot of people whereas if we were to start making big changes now “mainly world leaders and the very wealthy as when they start everyone will follow then it will be an easy continuous change for everyone. and I’m not just aiming this subject at “no more plastic cutlery”

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