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Preventing food waste

Have you ever found yourself tossing a yoghurt because it’s past its expiration date? It’s a moment many of us aren’t proud of, yet as consumers, we hold a pivotal role in reducing food waste.

While producers and companies bear responsibility for reducing food waste, consumers play a crucial role too. Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, cutting food waste is pivotal.

It’s curious how we’re quick to seek discounts to save on expensive food, yet discussions around preventing waste often fade into the background. However, tackling food waste is essential. When food is discarded, it doesn’t just vanish; it often ends up in landfills, emitting methane, a potent greenhouse gas that worsens climate change.

As big Christmas dinners come closer, people tend to buy lots of food, sometimes more than they need, worrying they might run out when guests come over. But there are simple ways to save food for this feast. We can plan what we’ll cook ahead of time and freeze some dishes. Any other tips to avoid wasting food this Christmas? Share your ideas below!

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2 responses to “Preventing food waste”

  1. Maud Jaquet says:

    Great topic !! Food waste is a big problem during the holiday season. But for example, people can try to plan their Christmas menu in advance, taking into account the number of guests.
    and create a shopping list based on the planned meals to avoid impulse purchases.
    Also if there is too much leftover, everyone can consider to donate excess non-perishable items to food banks or shelters.

  2. Palak Mahajan says:

    True, we frequently overlook our role in reducing food waste.Food waste is a significant issue, and consumers play a critical role in addressing it.Planning ahead of time, freezing dishes, and purchasing only what we require can all make a significant difference. We can prioritize reducing food waste and making our celebrations more environmentally friendly.

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