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Sustainable transportation

Did you know?
Berlin, Germany, claimed the top ranking for sustainable transportation. Unsurprisingly, they did well in the category of urban mobility via public transportation. Germany also received good marks for the number of electric vehicles and pedestrian accessibility.
Oslo in Norway and Stockholm in Sweden also aims to provide the world’s most sustainable public transport.

A sustainable transportation system – one in which fuel consumption, vehicle emissions, safety, traffic congestion, and access to social and economic opportunities are at levels that can be maintained indefinitely without significantly or irreparably harming people in future generations anywhere in the world.

This article explores the multiple actions taken to promote sustainable transportation

Europe’s Most Sustainable Transport Capital 

What do you think are the most effective ways to promote sustainable transportation?

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4 responses to “Sustainable transportation”

  1. Palak Mahajan says:

    In my view, opting sustainable mobility solutions should be priority. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and traffic congestion by using sustainable transportation methods. Therefore, I believe that this way of encouraging youth to use sustainable transport options
    will reduce the harmful effects of mobility on the environment.

  2. Giulia Mapelli says:

    Really interesting these data and great article. I was not aware of the most sustainable cities in terms of transport mobility and certainly we should take a cue from these countries and try to get as close as possible to the idea of preferring these solutions for the environment!

  3. Alexandra Cheimona says:

    Promoting sustainable transportation is crucial for reducing carbon emissions, mitigating traffic congestion, and improving air quality. Some ways to promote sustainable transportation are the following: Encourage active modes of transportation, invest in electric vehicles, educate and raise awareness. Through those methods we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in our cities.

  4. Maud Jaquet says:

    All countries need to increase funding for public transportation systems, including buses, trams, subways, and commuter trains.

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