Tools for Engaging Diverse Youth

What comes to mind when you think of tools in the context of engaging diverse young people, and why do you believe they are so important?

The goal is to identify the most effective tools and approaches for bridging gaps, fostering inclusivity, and forging long-term connections with the diverse youth in our communities. Diverse youth bring a variety of perspectives, experiences, and issues, and it is critical that we have the correct tools in our toolbox to build inclusive and empowering environment. Youth engagement offers numerous opportunities for young people to learn new skills and abilities. Academic, intellectual, civic, emotional, physical, occupational, social, and cultural competence can all be developed.
However, it raises the question what are the primary barriers in engaging and supporting diverse young people, and how can specialized tools help?
This resource provides a wealth of information on effective strategies, best practices, and research findings, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the subject.

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2 responses to “Tools for Engaging Diverse Youth”

  1. Kelsea Mucherino says:

    I like the resource provided because it gives some solid strategies for engaging young people from diverse backgrounds. When it comes to tools to engaging diverse young people, especially coming from an immigrant background, cultural sensitivity is key. When local people make an effort to get to know the newcomer’s culture, it sends the message that they are welcome, thus bridging a gap.

  2. Maud Jaquet says:

    I really like this article because it gives a good overvoew of the different strategies for engaging young people. Thank you for that !

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