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You are EU

The meaning of ‘You are EU’
‘You are EU’ is an invitation for all Europeans to join in and help transform our challenges into building a better future with clean energy made in Europe. We can rely on our strength, which we draw from our common wish to shape the world we live in. ‘You are EU’ is our pledge as Europeans where each of our contributions count. ‘You are EU’ is a statement that we can jointly move towards clean and homegrown energy. ‘You are EU’ is a reminder that there is a lot to do, but that we can do it together for the sake of future generations. Our children and grandchildren sharpen our focus on the path ahead and our common goal – the preservation of our democracy, economy, and our peaceful and independent Union.


Read a full Article here: https://you-are-eu.europa.eu/index_en
Let us know how you are you contributing to the society and environment for a better future.

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2 responses to “You are EU”

  1. Kenza benohoud says:

    What a great initiative!
    As the saying goes: alone we go faster, together we go further. We must be able to pool all our knowledge and skills in order to move towards a common goal.

  2. Maud Jaquet says:

    I really like this article ! Thank you for that

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