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Young immigrants and refugees participation in community development and sustainable integration

Have you ever realised what the strategy for creating inclusive communities is?
Yes, you got it right!
We can promote community development through the active involvement of young immigrants and refugees in local development and sustained integration.
We can establish environments that value diversity, harness potential, and develop sustainable and affluent communities for all by recognising their abilities, supporting youth-led initiatives, and tackling systemic hurdles. By engaging in discourse and working together, we can collectively work towards a future where young immigrants and refugees prosper, bringing their distinctive perspectives and ideas to a more sustainable and inclusive society.
The following article will help you find reports, and case studies that can further support and enhance your understanding of the topic.

Are there any efforts or programmes that promote intercultural communication and understanding between refugees/immigrants and the larger community in your country/local community? If not, how may cultural fusion be made better?

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3 responses to “Young immigrants and refugees participation in community development and sustainable integration”

  1. Giulia Mapelli says:

    These goals are very substantial, especially now that there are so many conflicts in the world, we must also focus on refugees and welcome them in every possible way. We need more inclusion of refugees and care about it.
    Thank to that site, I could understand more about this important theme of displacement and also know a big agency that deals with this.

  2. Alexandra Cheimona says:

    Currently, there lo active programmes in my region, although some of the practices that could benefit intercultural communication among the citizens of my city are the following: Language and integration programs, community engagement and cultural exchange, cultural orientation and training, mentorship and buddy programs, and workplace integration programs.

  3. shelja sareen says:

    Young immigrants and refugees bring diverse cultural perspectives, traditions, and experiences to their new communities. By actively sharing their cultures, traditions, and languages, they can foster understanding, appreciation, and tolerance among community members. This can be achieved through cultural festivals, language exchanges, storytelling sessions, or organizing cultural awareness workshops. Encouraging them to share their expertise, whether in academic subjects, arts, sports, or vocational skills, can contribute to the educational and personal growth of others. Organizing workshops, mentoring programs, or skill-sharing initiatives can provide platforms for such knowledge transfer.

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