Youth Participation in Well-Being and Health Promotion

Youth involvement in well-being and health promotion is not simply a contemporary idea but essential to building a more equal and healthful society. We can tap into young people’s potential as agents of change by acknowledging and appreciating their voices.
The narrative surrounding health may be shaped by empowered youth, who can also challenge the existing quo and inspire revolutionary actions that open the door to a better future for everybody.
Let’s create a climate that encourages their involvement and aids them on their path to better health and well-being.
This resource offers a wealth of knowledge on effective strategies, best practices, and research findings, allowing you to gain a deeper grasp of the topic.
However, it begs the question of how we might actively incorporate young people in conversations and decision-making processes about well-being and health promotion.

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3 responses to “Youth Participation in Well-Being and Health Promotion”

  1. Stefano Iannello says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the importance of involving young people in discussions and decision-making processes related to well-being and health promotion. Empowering youth enriches the conversation and also helps shape a more equitable and healthier society for everyone.

    It’s crucial that we create platforms and opportunities for young voices to be heard and valued. Inclusion can take many forms, from engaging youth in school curricula on health and well-being to establishing youth councils or advisory boards within healthcare and policymaking institutions.

    Additionally, social media and online platforms can play a significant role in amplifying youth perspectives and ideas! Encouraging youth-led initiatives, campaigns, and projects that focus on health and well-being can also foster their active participation and leadership.

    The WHO resource you shared is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the subject to ensure that young people will be active contributors to shaping a brighter and healthier future for all.

  2. Kenza benohoud says:

    Young people’s involvement in the promotion of well-being and health essentially acts as a catalyst for ecological awareness and positive action in favour of the environment. By equipping them with knowledge and involving them in initiatives that promote both personal well-being and environmental awareness, we are fostering the emergence of a generation that cares deeply about the planet. This interconnected approach not only improves the health of individuals and communities, but also makes a significant contribution to the preservation and sustainability of our precious ecosystems.

  3. Julia Bachousi says:

    Youth participation in Well-being is become more and more important nowadays, raising awareness and exchange of practices through interactive platforms or games would be a good idea to approach youth and make them active in the topic.

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